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Saturday, December 27th, 2003
5:25 am
And it's not the first time and i'm sure it won't be last....

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5:24 am
My husband and i just fucked for 4.5 hours on ecstasy!!! My pussy feels awesome!

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Wednesday, August 13th, 2003
1:26 pm
Something that really that the thought of really turns me on is being fucked doggy style and just as he's about to cum, he pulls out and presses his cock to my ass crack and lets his cum slide down my back. I haven't had the opportunity to experience this yet, but i hope i get the chance someday.

I first read about that particular thing in Nicholson Baker's Fermata. I was probably still only in high school the first time i read that book. I read that book over and over, masturbating and cumming to it too many times to count.

I just read someone's journal entry where he did the same exact thing and that's what prompted this entry...

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Monday, August 4th, 2003
11:53 pm - I had this dream last night...
I went over to some guy's that i kind of knew, but not very well. I was sitting between him and his friend watching tv. The guy asks me if i want to go to his room and i was like okay. He takes me into his bedroom and then he says wait, let's go in this other room. He takes me into a room across the hall and it's empty. And there a huge picture window that faces the street. He lays a blanket down of the floor and i laid down and he lays beside and we start kissing. I unbutton his shirt and pull it off of him and he takes off my mine. We kiss a little more and we both stand up and take our clothes off. We start making out more heavily and he's feeling me up. He pulls away and asks if his friend can come in the room. I balked a little at first. I said well, if he sits in the corner and jacks off. The guy was like are you sure that's all? I said whatever. He gets up and goes to the door and calls his friend into the room. His friend stands at the doorway and asks what. The guy says she wants to see you. The friend sits on the floor and i turn to the guy and start going down on him while he's standing up. Eventually, the friend takes off his clothes. I turn to him and start to go down on him. Meanwhile, the guy is behind me and starts to fuck me while i'm going down on his friend. Of course, they take turns, one fucking my mouth and the other fucking my pussy. I swear all during this time i can hear people out in the street laughing and commenting on our threesome. One position that comes to mind is where i was on my back, the guy is straddling my face with his cock in my mouth and his friend is fucking my cunt while grabbing my ankles so my legs are splayed up and out, so his cock can thrust deeper into me. The fucking goes on for a while and i eventually say, you guys need to fucking come, you're wearing me out. The guy says i don't think we can do that yet. They start fucking me again and i can tell they're trying to talk to each other without me knowing. I come to realize they want to perform the double p on me. I flat out say no (that requires dinner and a movie, bitch). They keep badgering but i keep saying no. Finally, i tell the guys they just need to jack off on me, but they won't do it. So i tell them i'm done. We all get dressed and i leave...

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Tuesday, July 29th, 2003
2:06 pm - Something i really miss...
When the boi and i first started dating he asked me to go without panties. I happily obliged. When we'd be driving somewhere and i had a skirt (and no panties) he would just start to finger me for no reason. God, it drove me wild! Thinking that he couldn't keep his hands off me, even for a short car ride, was the biggest turn on for me.

One time i didn't get to stay with him on the weekend like i had been doing for the past month or so. He had flown down to Florida to see his parents. He came back on a Sunday evening and i begged my best friend to take me to his house (which was 2 hours away). She did and we also invited a guy friend along. That night after we made it to the boi's home, we all went out to eat. On the car ride back, with my two friends in the backseat, the boi finger fucked me. I remember spreading my legs far apart, hoping he would put more fingers in me and that he'd go as deep as possible. I know the guy friend in the back was craning his neck so he could check out what was going on. I also know that my best friend was probably uncomfortable, but i didn't give a fuck. All i cared about was having his fingers crammed in my pussy...

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Sunday, July 27th, 2003
10:25 pm - so, yeah, my 2nd groupie experience...
Last Tuesday i went to the Paul Oakenfold show here in town. Paul went on about 12:30 or so and was spinning a fucking awesome set. I managed to meet eyes with him a few times while i was dancing. I noticed that once i left a spot he'd look around for a while until he found me again and would give me a sly smile and point in my general direction. I also noticed that he'd talk to one particular guy after he did that. This happened for a few times. I could tell he was about to wrap up his set so i left the pit area and walked over to where you could stand next to the area that led to the back stage. The guy Paul had been talking to during his set came from backstage and saw me standing there and asked me if i wanted to go backstage. Of course, i was like hell yes!

He gave me a pass and i ran to go tell my friend's i had came with that i was going to meet Paul. So went back to the stage entrance and Paul's assistant or whatever was waiting on me. He grabbed my hand and led me backstage to some rooms. Paul was standing there talking to some other people that had also been invited to hang out. I went and sat down on a couch that was in the room. He saw me and immeadiately quit talking to who he had been talking to. He came over to me, sat next to me, shook my hand and asked my name. While we were trying to talk a bunch of girls came up begged him for his autograph. They were asking him to sign their pants, t-shirts. One girl lifted her skirt and asked him to sign her panties. After they were done annoying him, he turned back to me and we started chatting again.

After a few minutes, someone came in with a bottle of Patron tequila and Paul got up and asked me if i wanted a drink. He brought me back a cup and i stood up and we toasted with some other people that were still hanging out. Paul began talking to other people in the room and i sat back down. The guy who had found me earlier and given me the pass came and sat next to me. He started asking me a bunch of questions, did i live here in town, what did i do for a living, etc. He told me that i stuck out like a sore thumb and that i didn't belong in J__. He said that i should move to someplace like L.A. I agreed with him and said i'd love to do that. He was telling me that they usually don't allow guys to come back stage because there plenty of guys that are part of Paul's crew and entourage. I said yeah, who wants a sausage party? Hehehe.

Paul finally came back and sat next to me and asked me if i wanted to kiss him. I said that's the reason i came back here, isn't it? He laughed and i leaned closer to him and we kissed. We chatted more and exchanged a few more kisses. He then got up and i followed him. We walked down a hallway and went into a bathroom. He took a piss while i stood out of the way. He finished up and turned to me and said saying something like he's never met anyone like me, that i was beautiful, blah, blah, blah. He came really close to me pushed me against the wall and started kissing me, feeling up my legs and grabbing my ass.

My hand went to his belt and i undid it and his pants with one hand. He was already hard when i reached for his dick. I was stroking him a little while still kissing his mouth. I asked him if he wanted to come on my face. He said yes and he turned around and I got on my knees and pulled his dick out fully. I began giving him a blow job and he put his hands on my head and guided me a little bit. During the blow job i ran my hands up and down his legs and over his ass. He started making little sounds and saying how great it was. He pulled me off his dick and started to pump himself. I quickly pulled down my tanktop and he began to come on my face and tits. While he was cumming i sucked on his dick once more, tasting his cum. He leaned down and kissed me. I really like that he did that. I love it when i guy will kiss me while i still have his cum in my mouth. god, what a turn on...

He then helped me up from my position on the floor. He grabbed toilet paper and started wiping my chest and face. He pulled my tanktop up and kissed me again. He buckled his pants and stood there and looked at me and told me i was beautiful again. He then asked who should walk out first. I told him he should. He walked out and i went to the mirror and re-applied my lipstick and straightened myself out.

When i walked out of the bathroom i saw one of my friends standing at the end of the hallway and i grabbed her and i took her to the room i was in before and i introduced her to Paul. She told me that our other friend was waiting right outside the door to the room so i went and got him. Paul was nice and spoke to them. He then turned to me and asked me for my "mobile" number. He gave me a pen and something to write on. I wrote it down and gave it to him, thinking why in the hell is he asking me for my number, it's not like he'll call me. I left the room to go to the bathroom and when i returned Paul had left.

So i was laying in bed at 6 am Wednesday morning and my cell phone rings. Guess who it was? I couldn't believe it. Paul was all like, hi, beautiful. He asked me where i was and i said i was at home laying in bed. He said he was at his hotel doing the same thing. He asked me how far away i was and i said about a 20 minute drive. He started talking dirty, saying how great the blowjob was and that he wanted to fuck me and see me riding his cock. He then laughed and said that if i came to his hotel, he would probably only stay awake 10 minutes then pass out. I laughed and said i defintely wouldn't come then. I asked him if i went to his next show if he'd remember me. He said of course and asked me if i wanted him to put me on the guest list. I said yes and we both said goodnight to each other and hung up.

Damn, that entire night was so crazy and surreal. But not as bad as Wednesday day and evening. But i'll have to update that some other time...

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Tuesday, June 24th, 2003
1:14 am - Beauty's Punishment
I was so incredibly horny last week. I took Beauty's Punishment off one of the shelves and read the entire book in a few hours. Of course, i read it so i'd have something to masturbate to. I came at least 3 times within an hour.

The entire book is nothing but about sex and really doesn't have any sort of plot. Totally a get-off book. The other book i frequently pull off the shelf is Delta of Venus. I can read a page of it and be wet in seconds. I remember reading it all the time before going to bed when i lived in this tiny apartment with my boi. Anyway, he'd usually be asleep before i was and i'd be so horny after reading the book, but i knew he wouldn't want to be disturbed because he had to be up early in the morning. You have no idea how frustrating it is to ready to fuck and have a warm body next to you, but not really being able to do anything about it.

Last week i watched a movie based on Anais Nin's diaries. After she met Henry Miller (who wrote Tropic of Cancer, a wonderful book about debauching in Paris) she started fucking him, her cousin Eduard, these french prostitues, it also alluded to her fucking Henry's wife, as well as having kinky sex with her husband.

A bookstore near here has the complete set of her diaries and i'm dying to purchase them...

One last thing, the boi has this book called the Olympia Reader and he made me read one of the short stories. After i finished it he asked me if i noticed that the girl (the main character) slept with everyone in the story except her boyfriend. I think i'll pull that book off the shelf right now before i turn in for the night...

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Saturday, May 31st, 2003
2:04 pm
I had a dream this morning that i was a secretary for a business man (actually it was a short movie star i won't name, b/c it's kind of embarrassing) during the 1940s.

The first thing that happened in the dream is that he asked me to bend over and pick something off the ground so he could check out my ass. I knew that's what he was doing so i leaned over all slow and stuck my ass OUT.

The next part of the dream i remember was me laying across his lap with he was grabbing my ass. He then pulled up my skirt and pulled down my panties and started rubbing my bare ass. Then he starts asking me if i deserve a spanking. I don't remember saying yes or no but he starts to spank me anyway. While he was spanking me his knee is digging into my clit. I start moving around, while he continously to spanks me, trying to get off. He realizes what i'm doing and makes me sit up on his desk facing him with my legs apart. He discovers my piercing and commments on it. He then makes me get down on my back on the floor and he takes his pants off and lays down on top of me and proceeds to dry fuck me. This goes on for a while and i can feel his dick and sack rub all over my clit. I was feeling so good in the dream. He then all of sudden makes me get up and a few minutes later his boss comes in.

Then his boss starts looking me up and down and asks if i'm good. Then he quickly adds secretary, as if to ask if i'm a good secretary and not if i'm good at fucking. Then i wake up.

Mmmm, it was a lovely dream, in that sleazy, dark, dank 40s noir. The guy i was working for could have been better but it fit perfectly with the setting of the dream. Mmmm...

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Wednesday, May 14th, 2003
11:45 pm
Since i know the boi is reading this journal, i want to say something about what he told me when i spoke with him on the phone other day. It made me jealous as fuck when he told me that fucking whore was staring at him b/c he had his shirt off and then i got really jealous when he told me that on of his soldiers said, "sir, that girl wanted to rape you."


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Tuesday, May 13th, 2003
2:46 pm - My first and last groupie experience
So we went to Atlanta to go see Covenant. When we first got to the Masquerade we stood at this one bar and i ordered a drink. Girl wanted to sit down and the only empty seats were at the bar across the room, so we walked over there. I sat down and so did girl and we started talking. I just happened to look over her shoulder and Eskil was playing pool with Joakim right there. I quickly told Girl and she slowly looked around and saw them and started getting excited like i was.

They both played pool up until Melotron's 2nd or 3rd song. I tried not to stare but, god it was hard not too. Eskil is my absolute dream guy. Tall, thin, blonde, blue eyes, and he has this sexy androgynous look to him. That and the fact that he wears suits so well! I kept getting up and standing, hoping he would be checking me out. I had on a really short white skirt, white dress shirt and a black tie. I looked fucking amazing. I knew all the Atlanta goths would be wearing all black and/or vinyl, so i knew if i wanted to catch eyes i would have to dress completely different.

So it was time for Covenant to play and Girl and I headed right up front and stood right in front of Eskil. That man sings soooo well. He has this deep sexy voice that just makes me shudder. After the left the stage for the first time and came back i noticed that there was a key sitting on the edge of the stage. I asked Girl if that key had been there before and she said no, so I told Girl to grab it and she did. She stupidly tried to hand it to him while he was singing. He finally took it from her. So they left the stage once more but everyone was screaming for more, so they came back out.

By that time i had gone to get another beer and was through trying to push my way back to the front. So i just stood in the back sipping my beer, enjoying the rest of the show.

Afterwards, the band came out and was mingling with the crowd. I wanted to go downstairs and dance but Girl wanted to talk to the band. Since i've never been much of a groupie and wasn't too interested in telling the band how great they were, i went downstairs and checked out what was going on. Not much, so i went back upstairs to see what Girl was doing by now. I was standing there and Eskil came up to her and started talking to her. He was saying something about the movie the Skulls and was talking about how something was hotter than Georgia asphalt. Girl was soo dumb she was like, yeah that's because of the red clay (that wasn't the only stupid thing she said that night). WTF? I think Eskil meant girls are as hot a Georgia asphalt.

So he asked us if we wanted to help look for a "friend" of his. We were both like, of course. So He and Girl start walking down the stairs and i was kind of trailing behind. He stopped on the landing and motioned for Girl to go down the stairs first. Then i get to the landing and he walks with me down the rest of the way. The three of us go into the smaller bar/dance area. He doesn't see his friend so we walk out. He then says to us, how about we check outside. So we walk outside and there's a white SUV limo parked out front. Eskil was like i bet that's my friend. I said to him geez, this is just like some kind of fucking rock video. He laughed and kept walking to the limo. The window rolls down and it's his friend. Eskil asks the guy if he invited some friends along. So I hopped in first with Girl behind me. I sat towards the front. Girl sat beside me and Eskil sat in a seat adjacent me. Then one of the other band members, Clas, got in the limo and sat next to Girl.

The "friend" asked the driver if she would drive us around. So we start making our way around Atlanta. The friend started rolling joints and passing them around. There were 8 of us in the limo. The friend and what seemed like his girlfriend, a couple i had seen earlier at the show, Eskil, me, Clas and Girl.

Eskil asked me if he could put his hand on my lap and i said of course. He starts stroking my leg and saying how it's like a buffet. He leaned down a few times and kissed my knee. I was in heaven!!! He then starts making his way up my leg and goes under my skirt. I never wear panties so he had all of me right at his finger tips. After he found his way under my skirt he began rubbing my clit (my hood is pierced by the way). OMG, i was feeling soo good. I had smoked the whole show, drank and i ate a darvocet before Covenant went on, as well as smoking the fine ass herb we had in the limo. Eskil kept saying i was so innocent. Ha!

Eskil then asked me something which i won't repeat here because it was just to cute and shouldn't be shared with anyone. Anyway i told him yes and he starts fingering me and kissing me. Everyone in the limo is staring, but i didn't give a fuck. If he wanted to fuck right there in front of everyone i would have done it in a second. I was kissing his neck, pinching his nipples and grabbing his cock. Hmmmmm! God, i'm getting hot writing all this shit! Anyway, I came pretty quickly and very hard. How could i not though?! MMMM!

So we finally get back to the masquerade. We all get out of the limo and the girlfriend was standing there. I went up to her and thanked her for the ride. She said something like they really didn't want to leave. I said i didn't want too either, but Girl was having some sexual problems and didn't want to hang out any longer (b/c she wouldn't have been able to fuck, but that's a whole other story).

I'm sure if we had stayed any longer the "friend" would have given all of us drugs and wanted to watch us have a huge gang bang. Neither Eskil or Clas had invited the couple, so i figure that the friend invited them along wanting to see some action. God, if we had stayed longer i would have shown anybody anything they wanted to see.

So that was my first and probably last groupie experience. But if i ever have a chance to see Covenant again, i will be right there grabbing Eskil's sweet ass!

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3:19 am - 1st entry
Watched 8mm tonight. I had my hand in my pants the entire movie. Why the fuck did they kill off Max California, though i must say it was a an extreme turn on seeing him tied and taped like that. Hmmmm!

Need to tweek this lj, but now for sleep.

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