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I had a dream this morning that i was a secretary for a business man (actually it was a short movie star i won't name, b/c it's kind of embarrassing) during the 1940s.

The first thing that happened in the dream is that he asked me to bend over and pick something off the ground so he could check out my ass. I knew that's what he was doing so i leaned over all slow and stuck my ass OUT.

The next part of the dream i remember was me laying across his lap with he was grabbing my ass. He then pulled up my skirt and pulled down my panties and started rubbing my bare ass. Then he starts asking me if i deserve a spanking. I don't remember saying yes or no but he starts to spank me anyway. While he was spanking me his knee is digging into my clit. I start moving around, while he continously to spanks me, trying to get off. He realizes what i'm doing and makes me sit up on his desk facing him with my legs apart. He discovers my piercing and commments on it. He then makes me get down on my back on the floor and he takes his pants off and lays down on top of me and proceeds to dry fuck me. This goes on for a while and i can feel his dick and sack rub all over my clit. I was feeling so good in the dream. He then all of sudden makes me get up and a few minutes later his boss comes in.

Then his boss starts looking me up and down and asks if i'm good. Then he quickly adds secretary, as if to ask if i'm a good secretary and not if i'm good at fucking. Then i wake up.

Mmmm, it was a lovely dream, in that sleazy, dark, dank 40s noir. The guy i was working for could have been better but it fit perfectly with the setting of the dream. Mmmm...
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