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Beauty's Punishment

I was so incredibly horny last week. I took Beauty's Punishment off one of the shelves and read the entire book in a few hours. Of course, i read it so i'd have something to masturbate to. I came at least 3 times within an hour.

The entire book is nothing but about sex and really doesn't have any sort of plot. Totally a get-off book. The other book i frequently pull off the shelf is Delta of Venus. I can read a page of it and be wet in seconds. I remember reading it all the time before going to bed when i lived in this tiny apartment with my boi. Anyway, he'd usually be asleep before i was and i'd be so horny after reading the book, but i knew he wouldn't want to be disturbed because he had to be up early in the morning. You have no idea how frustrating it is to ready to fuck and have a warm body next to you, but not really being able to do anything about it.

Last week i watched a movie based on Anais Nin's diaries. After she met Henry Miller (who wrote Tropic of Cancer, a wonderful book about debauching in Paris) she started fucking him, her cousin Eduard, these french prostitues, it also alluded to her fucking Henry's wife, as well as having kinky sex with her husband.

A bookstore near here has the complete set of her diaries and i'm dying to purchase them...

One last thing, the boi has this book called the Olympia Reader and he made me read one of the short stories. After i finished it he asked me if i noticed that the girl (the main character) slept with everyone in the story except her boyfriend. I think i'll pull that book off the shelf right now before i turn in for the night...
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