Elegantly Posed to Death (wnt2fck) wrote,
Elegantly Posed to Death

Something i really miss...

When the boi and i first started dating he asked me to go without panties. I happily obliged. When we'd be driving somewhere and i had a skirt (and no panties) he would just start to finger me for no reason. God, it drove me wild! Thinking that he couldn't keep his hands off me, even for a short car ride, was the biggest turn on for me.

One time i didn't get to stay with him on the weekend like i had been doing for the past month or so. He had flown down to Florida to see his parents. He came back on a Sunday evening and i begged my best friend to take me to his house (which was 2 hours away). She did and we also invited a guy friend along. That night after we made it to the boi's home, we all went out to eat. On the car ride back, with my two friends in the backseat, the boi finger fucked me. I remember spreading my legs far apart, hoping he would put more fingers in me and that he'd go as deep as possible. I know the guy friend in the back was craning his neck so he could check out what was going on. I also know that my best friend was probably uncomfortable, but i didn't give a fuck. All i cared about was having his fingers crammed in my pussy...
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